Summer Camp Success – Cameras Roll!

Summer Camp Success – Cameras Roll!

August 21, 2017 | Casting Director | Sarah Jeffries-Frei

Recently my son had such an amazing experience and I just wanted to share it with other parents who might find it helpful if their kids are interested in acting and are looking for recommendations for an acting school.

Over the summer my son attended an Acting Summer Camp at The Performing Option in Manhattan. It was a wonderful experience. This program is unique in that it teaches essential acting techniques as well as assists in launching your child’s career in the acting industry (Commercial, Film & Television, Theater, Voiceovers and Print).

The summer camp classes were taught by over a dozen different casting directors, which meant that besides my son learning a range of new techniques, he also got the inside scoop on what casting directors are looking for in the industry right now. The environment also allowed him to create personal relationships with the casting directors, which as he is new to acting, really helped boost his confidence as well as develop auditioning techniques to land those highly desired roles.

At the end of the class course, the students performed the material they had been working on for a group of Talent agents and Managers. This was an incredible opportunity, it’s like an express way to be seen by several agents in one shot. The usual process of getting a meeting with an agent is cumbersome and can take upwards of 6-9 months.

I grew up in Manhattan and acted for several years, so I am well versed in the acting & performing arts world and I must say that I am impressed with this program as well as excited by the opportunities it has given my son.

The director of the program is Madelyn Burns, who has over 40 years of experience and is well known in the industry. She is a calm, very knowledgeable source who obviously adored the kids and as an actor herself, really understands what the kids need to learn to get through the audition process.

The showcase resulted in my son getting called in for an interview by an agent, and got him prepared for a series of auditions that came up. He also made some great friends and is looking forward to going back to attend the advanced classes. I also made friends with other ‘stage-moms’ who could really help me with navigating the parent’s job through their own experiences.

I’m so proud and happy for my son to have a chance at his dream – the only downside – it was so great that now my younger son wants to do it too so looks like we’re going to be busy!

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