Our Classes are for All Actors

For over 38 years, The Performing Option has specialized in providing acting training for children, young adults and now… adults.

At the conclusion of many of the Camp and Weekend Event, The Performing Option will provide a complimentary showcase for 15 of New York’s leading Managers and Agents.​

Parents are encouraged to attend the showcases.

Masterclasses do not always have showcases as they focus on developing advanced acting skills directly with industry professionals.

“Work with the industry experts at Performing Option and we’ll give you the skills
to take your actor from novice to professional!” – Madelyn


Our classes:

Build a skill set for beginners take the already-skilled to the next level.
Build confidence for every step of the journey.
Teach winning Commercial Film audition techniques.
Transform reluctant, poor readers into confident ones (no one wants to lose an audition because of inadequate reading skills).
Build communication skills which enhance life skills
Provide a safe environment that encourages students to take risks and grow

Effective communication is what being successful is all about.