Talent Agency Reviews

“The Performing Option offers wonderful classes for children of all ages. I have seen so many of my own clients improve their acting skills tremendously. The teachers that are offered to run her classes are fantastic!!!!! They are very nice and caring to the kids. She also offers the agents an opportunity to see their clients perform in a showcase at the end of the course. I would highly recommend taking classes at this school!” – Bonnie Shumofsky, Children/Young Adults Abrams Artists Agency http://www.abramsartists.com

     “Over the past few years, I have seen many wonderful kids come out of The Performing Option. The students are taught by some of the best in the business and I highly recommend Madelyn’s classes to all!”

– Mallory Tucker- CESD Talent Agency 


      “I have been going to the Performing Option for many many years as a Talent Manager, a Casting Director, and now a Talent Agent. I have consistently found great talent at Madelyn’s showcases. The classes are taught by some of the best working Casting Directors in NYC, and they give students a chance to work hands on with them. I highly recommend classes at The Performing Option!!” 

– David Doan- CESD Talent Agency 

     “I’ve been attending the Performing Option for well over eight years. The quality of teachers and attendees are top notch! Some of my most successful clients have been cherry picked from their classes. Thank you, guys! Keep up the excellent work.” 

Best -Dina Torre-Generation TV, On-camera Department http://generationmm.com/

     “I’ve been attending Madelyn Burn’s showcases for years. She always has the best kids and the showcases are fantastic and so fun! Her teachers are top notch and are really great with the kids. You can tell the kids have a great time while working hard on their skills. Madelyn’s classes are terrific!” – Heather Finn, Frontier Booking International (FBI) http://www.frontierbooking.com/

     “The Performing Option is a wonderful experience. Madelyn’s classes bring out the natural talent these kids have and give them the confidence to be professional in their performances. I will continue to come to The Performing Option because I know I will be consistently entertained and I am always keeping my eyes open for new talent. Definitely worth your precious time!”

– Bernadette M. McBrinn, Avalon Artists Group & BMG Models http://www.avalonartists.com/

Casting Director Reviews

     “I have had the privilege of teaching voice-overs to students at The Performing Option for the last 6 years. As a casting director in NYC, I am offered many opportunities to speak or teach at various venues and events. I have always chosen very carefully in order to align myself with good and upstanding people who have the best interest of the actors at heart. It is paramount to me that the students be given a positive environment in which they have the opportunity to learn and perform, benefit from the other talent around them, and be given the chance to showcase their work for the busiest and best agents/managers/casting directors in NYC.

    The Performing Option, led by Madelyn Burns, is the absolute choice that meets all that criteria. Madelyn’s students are motivated, generous, and always strive to do their very best. The rewards of the classes and camps at the Performing Option go beyond the proven track record of success that students from there have achieved. It is also found in the friendships and bonds that these young people create with each other that are possible because the classroom and stage environments encourage their growth as actors, young people, and shows them that their potential is infinite. The students learn technique, they develop themselves as actors, they create characters, and they are free to express themselves while always maintaining a respect for the business and each other.
The Performing Option is the only venue that I teach young people at in NYC. Madelyn and her team go above and beyond to make sure that year after year, these important details remain at the forefront of their mission.”

– Roger Becker- The Voice Over Syndicate http://www.vosyndicate.com/

     “My name is Barry Shapiro and I am Vice-President of Herman Lipson Casting. I have taught at the Performing Option for over twenty years. Over that time I have met literally thousands of new actors from kids through adults that I have brought in for commercials that I have cast. Madelyn not only provides the participants with instruction from the top teachers in the industry but she also has showcases so that the participants can meet as many agents and managers as possible. She also allows her teachers the autonomy to use their individual skills to teach rather than telling them how to teach. She also makes sure that the environment is safe especially for the children. That’s why all the teachers as well as the participants come back again and again. I highly recommend the Performing Option and Madelyn Burns.” – Barry Shapiro

    “I’ve been working with The Performing Option since 2010 and I have found it to be a great working environment for kids and teenagers alike. The students are all very friendly and eager to learn the ins-and-outs of the voice over business. I have auditioned many of the students I met in classes for real voice over jobs and am always impressed at their level of professionalism and talent. The Performing Option is a great opportunity for any child wanting to learn the ropes and develop their talents for performing.”

– Carrie Faverty –Sound Lounge http://www.soundlounge.com/#/audio-post-production-new-york

     “With the Performing Option, Madelyn Burns has created a homey and safe environment for young actors to learn, play and showcase their ‘talent’.” -John Ort Network Casting Director

     “The Performing Option is a great source for industry people who want to find new talent. I have met, auditioned and booked countless kids and adults who have taken classes at The Performing Option.”

– Tisah Ioli – CSA

     “I enjoy meeting and working with the kids at The Performing Option. It’s a great tool for me to use as a casting director because I get the chance to meet the kids and work with them one on one so I know what they can do.
Then when prepping a job, I recognize the faces I meet in class, and I can be sure to schedule them for an audition.”

– Kyle Coker- Donna Deserta http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2459917

     “Dear Madelyn, – Just wanted to drop a note letting you know how much I enjoy meeting and working with your students. The caliber of talent and professionalism is always excellent no matter the age and their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn their craft makes teaching them equally rewarding for myself as well.  The Performing Option is definitely a viable place for children and teens to explore and understand the business of acting. I look forward to being an integral part of their performing education. Thank you for the opportunity.” – Richard Reed

     “I’ve had the great pleasure of teaching young people between the ages of 9-14 for The Performing Option. The students ranged from beginners to experienced young professionals. In every case, I found them to be bright, attentive, disciplined, and willing and able to learn. What The Performing Option offers is unique in that the classes are kept small so that each student can receive individual attention. The concept of combining beginners and experienced young performers is invaluable, as the beginners can not only learn from the teachers, but also from the more experienced students. It was a pleasure to see my students improve between each week’s classes.”

-Jay Binder- Binder Casting http://bindercasting.com/

     “I enjoy teaching at the Performing Option because of the laid back yet professional atmosphere. The kids are always top notch and this allows me to try things that I may not be able to do in other classes. I also feel that the staff allows me focus just on teaching by running a tight ship with the office. Madelyn has many years of dealing with kids and their parents, and the great kids keep coming back for more and more classes because of her and the high class of teachers she hires to run her classes.”

-Anthony Pichette – Sidecar Productions and Sound Lounge

     “I know that every time I am at The Performing Option, I am going to be teaching dedicated students who are eager to learn. Their commitment to improving and memorizing the material, as well as receiving and implementing notes and direction shows incredible maturity and focus. The kids I have worked with in class also shine when they come in for auditions since they are instantly put at ease by recognizing a familiar face in the room. The Performing Option is a wonderful, nurturing studio for young actors who want to perfect their craft.”

-Rikki Gimelstob- CSA http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5651636/

      “Over the years I have found a wide variety of all types of talented young performers through the Performing Option and their programs expose the students to a great cross section of well respected casting directors and agents.” 

– David Vacarri – CSA -http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0882843/

     “At The Performing Option, I have had the pleasure of working with many talented, bright professional kids. I know the next time I am in the audition room casting, I can count on Madelyn’s young actors to have the training to book that spot.”

– Colleen Piquette- Carol Hanzel Casting http://carolhanzelcasting.com/about-carol-hanzel-casting.html

Talent Manager Reviews

     “I have worked with Madelyn Burns at The Performing Option for more than ten years. I like the fact that her classes are taught by casting directors who show the children exactly how to perform in the room and teach them the secrets to callbacks and bookings. My clients who have taken her classes consistently have more callbacks and bookings. Last month I sent an 8 year old boy to Madelyn. He had been going out for about 6 months without a booking. His first audition, after completing the commercial class, he booked a National Network McDonalds commercial. I highly recommend Madelyn and The Performing Option.”

-Jackie Reid-Owner L’il Angels Unlimited http://www.imdb.com/company/co0277439/

     “Madelyn Burns and The Performing Option are the gold standard for acting classes and getting your child seen by the industry.”

– Shirley Grant-Shirley Grant Management http://www.shirleygrant.com

     “It is no small feat for the Performing Option to remain New York City’s premiere children’s showcase for over 30 years. A variety of classes are taught by casting directors and industry professionals, followed by a showcase that is attended by numerous agents and managers. Whereas it can sometimes take years for children to meet agents, managers and casting directors, The Performing Option allows them to hit the showbiz “trifecta” a single showcase.”

-L Joshua 

     “The Performing Option showcases have been a wonderful resource for me to find top notch talent who have been trained by some of the best in the business. Madelyn consistently gets top casting directors and industry professionals as instructors to train her students. I also highly recommend the classes at The Performing Option to the talent I represent. They get wonderful instruction and the opportunity to study with some of the best casting directors in the business.”

– Ingrid French- Ingrid French Management http://www.ingridfrenchmanagement.com/

     “The Performing Option is a great school for kids and young adults looking to break into the business. Not only are classes taught by working professionals in the children’s industry, but the showcases are attended by every major agent and talent manager in the New York City area. It is a great place to find new and upcoming talent. The Performing Option’s classes teach the acting skills necessary in order to achieve success, while at the same time making them fun and exciting for kids. It is truly a place I recommend to all kids and young adults!” – Ruth Esponda

     “The Performing Option is the best training in New York for kids wanting to enter the TV commercial arena…The guest speakers and teachers are all top working Pros in the field, and the quality of children actors is top notch! I couldn’t recommend a better start to your child’s approach in the commercial field.” – Jeff Danis- DPN Talent http://www.dpntalent.com


–  Robyn Levy Acarino- Nouveaux Talent Management http://www.nouveaux.biz

     “I, Tamara Markowitz am a Talent Manager for children. Newborns to 18 year olds are my target age. I have recommended Madelyn Burns and The Performing Option Classes for years. She invites amazing Casting Directors from various television shows, movies and Broadway to come in and teach classes. They know what they are looking for and how to train the children. Some of my clients were booked on One Life to Live after being trained by Sheryl form OLTL. I have had children requested to audition for jobs after working with the casting directors. Madelyn has an amazing showcase with wonderful agents after my clients learn. The agents will call me and tell me which clients of mine they would like to work with after the performance. Not every child is born an Actor. A lot need training and I have had success with my clients at The Performing Option.”

– Tamara Markowitz https://www.facebook.com/groups/257701154343222/​

     “As owner of CP Talent Management, I have recommended many of my clients to Madelyn Burns’ Performing Option workshops. Each and every time my clients complete a workshop they are excited to share their new techniques with me. They rave about the classes and the showcases that follow the workshop. Madelyn is always professional and provides quality education for the novice and the gifted performer. She always has excellent casting directors, agents and managers at her show cases. I recommend her fully.”

– Colette Palmerio – Owner CP Talent Management www.cptalentmgmt.com

     “I feel these classes are so important because experts in the field are making the presentations. In addition the top Talent Agents and Managers attend her [Madelyn Burns] showcases, so the exposure is invaluable.”

– Sid Gold- Goldstar Talent Management http://www.goldstartalent.com/

     “For years Madelyn Burns, through her dedication, love for actors and generosity, has launched the most amazing talent in this industry. I have found many amazing talent at Performing Options. It creates a one on one relationship with casting and talent. Madelyn Burns is amazing!” – Peggy Becker – Parkside Talent  http://parksidetalent.com/