Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take classes with a casting director if I am just starting out?

Who can tell you better how to book an acting job than the casting director who books the acting job? This is known as current insider information, the tricks of the trade best conceived by the industry professional.


Is there any specific way my child should dress at the showcase?

Your child should dress in clothes that s/he feels comfortable in.

Does a casting director really have the ability to teach?

A casting directors job is to direct a casting session and place the actor in the most appealing light. If that task is not accomplished, the casting company will loose that client. A casting director is a teacher and a director if he/she wishes to keep his/her job.

If you are just starting out is it really appropriate to be in a showcase and be seen by industry professionals?

Yes. If you are not seen by the industry this is a very expensive hobby. This is a process and it may take time to be competitive, but you will never doubt the accuracy or the integrity of the training offered by an industry professional.

What is the benefit of doing multiple showcases?

The industry can see your growth and since each showcase highlights a different area of expertise. Multiple showcases show the industry each performers range of talent. Also casting requirements are always changing and improvement is noted.

Do I have to pay extra for the showcase?

No. You register and pay for each class. The showcase is free.

My child attended a showcase and at the end was given a list of names and addresses of all the managers and agents who attended. What do I do with it?

At the end of each free showcase, all parents are given a copy of which agents and managers attended. If your child does not have representation and a manager and or agent is interested, he or she will contact you. By having the list, you will know exactly who this person is and what company he/she represents.