Parent Testimonies

“Madelyn Burns and The Performing Option are the real deal!

Her classes and workshops give kids an edge they can’t get anywhere else. My two sons’ have booked numerous movies, commercials and live shows directly because of what they learned (and who they met) in her premium casting and performance classes.

When a parent asks me how they can get their children started in the business –

I tell them – call Madelyn!”

Karin Garfin

“I sent my daughter here and was so pleased that now my granddaughter is attending classes.  I highly recommend Madelyn Burns and The Performing Option.” Susan Moeck ​

“Help your kids live the dream by taking them to The Performing Option!” Dr Liya Mutale

“I have been with you [Madelyn Burns] for about 7 years now. My child’s career had numerous other opportunities because of the multitude of classes you offers. The teachers you use seem to be some of the best in the industry. Our family is grateful for the nice and safe environment that you provide for your students.”
Jamie Kelly

“As a parent, I want the best for my child and Madelyn Burns provides a comforting place for children to flourish and perfect their skills in this industry. Thank you Madelyn!!”
Clara Perez

“Being able to touch so many people’s hearts through your business is a huge blessing that you’ve acquired.”
Mila Kravetskaya

“Madelyn thanks so much for your advice, guidance, and support. Because of the Performing Option Logan now has great representation and is being sent on awesome auditions.”
Nancy Rush